Thomas Ewing is a commercial lawyer, registered patent attorney, and intellectual
property counselor with more than 20 years of experience in the IP field.  In his consulting
practice, Tom routinely advises international organizations, government agencies,
universities, law firms, multinational corporations and financial institutions.
 Tom has thrice
recognized by IAM Magazine as one of the world’s 250 best IP strategists.

Tom counsels commercial entities of all sizes, as well as venture capital and private equity
firms.  Tom has represented a wide range of high technology companies during his career,
including Alcatel, Apertio, Apple, Ceva, Cisco, eBay, Honda, Intuit, Listen (Rhapsody), Micron,
NEC, Netflix, Sharp, T-Netix, Tribune Media Services, and Paul Allen's Vulcan, Inc.  He has
also represented investors such as Accel Partners, Amadeus, the Environmental
Technologies Fund, HgCapital, Kleiner Perkins, and Oak Investment Partners.

Tom authored the World Intellectual Property Organization’s textbook and course materials
for an international patent agent training program. He has personally trained patent agents
from nearly 40 countries and led WIPO training courses in Sri Lanka (2010), Zimbabwe
(2007), India (2006), Singapore (2006), and Malaysia (2003).   Tom has lectured on
intellectual property and commercial law at universities worldwide and co-taught courses in
intellectual asset management and commercial law at Chalmers University.  

Tom has assisted Vinnova, the Swedish government’s agency for innovation, in structuring
its agreements for research and development collaborations and other related projects.  He
has also assisted the government of Tanzania in developing its national IP plan.

Tom previously served as Vice President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer at OpenTV,
Inc., an interactive television company then owned by Liberty Media Corp.  Tom managed
the worldwide intellectual property development efforts for OpenTV’s portfolio of nearly
2,000 issued and pending patents.  He directed and managed patent litigation cases
venued in federal district court and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  Tom also
served as IP coordinator for various worldwide standards organizations, performed due
diligence on third-party IP portfolios, and structured and negotiated various IP-related

Tom has worked as an attorney at law firms in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Seattle, and
Washington, DC.  In private practice, he focused on developing and managing intellectual
property portfolios, conducting strategic analyses of various large patent portfolios, and
supporting patent infringement litigations. His expertise includes software and computer-
related inventions, telecommunications, business methods, bioinformatics, and electro-
mechanical devices.  

Before entering the legal profession, Tom served as a member of the technical staff of the
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California and as a patent agent at the
California Institute of Technology.  As an engineer, Tom helped develop interactive training
simulators for various governmental and international organizations.

Tom has spoken at numerous conferences and training seminars worldwide, including the
Business Congress (2011), the
European Venture Capital Association (2008, 2007), the
Computer Law Association’s European conference (2005) and the PatSoft conference
(2006). He is a co-author of "Software Patents: Procuring and Enforcing," The Patent
Resources Group (April 1999) and "Strategies for Obtaining U.S. Patent Protection for
Software Related Inventions," Derwent Information Patent Strategic Seminar (Tokyo, Japan;
1998).  He has also spoken at IP conferences held at Chalmers University.

Tom was awarded his J.D. in 1996 from the University of California, Hastings College of the
Law in San Francisco where he became a national quarter finalist in the Giles Sutherland
Rich Moot Court Competition.
Tom completed his dissertation for a licentiate degree in
industrial management and economics at Chalmers University in 2011.  He
received an M.S.
in Engineering and Policy from Washington University in St. Louis
in 1988, and he received
his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Tulsa in 1985. Tom has also received
Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English literature. He is a member of the State Bars of
California (1996) and Washington (1998, presently inactive) and is registered to practice
before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (1990).
Thomas L. Ewing
Attorney at Law

Counselor on
Intellectual Property
Law & Business



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